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Learn from My Dusty Mistake

In Uncategorized on November 26, 2008 at 1:21 pm

In my last post I showed you how to remove spots using the spot removal tool in Lightroom and Camera Raw. After I made the video, it occurred to me that I didn’t show you my most horrifying example of dust on the camera sensor. I took this image in 2004 shortly after I got my first digital SLR. (Click on the image to see it larger — there is much more dust than you can see in this small version!)


Dust on the Camera Sensor

I didn’t realize back then that it is a very bad idea to change lenses without turning the camera off — the camera has a charge that draws in dust.  So learn from my mistake on this one! I was able to clean up the image, but it took hours.   These days I turn off the camera, and also turn the camera downwards as I replace the lens so that no dust inadvertently falls into it.