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Buy the Lightroom DVD

Lightroom Fundamentals: Workshop on DVD

Now available for purchase!

For beginning and intermediate Lightroom users, almost 7 hours of training on 37 videos.

Everything I teach in my in-person two day Lightroom Fundamentals workshop, and more!

$49.95 Download / $56.95 DVD

Getting Started: Understand how Lightroom 3 works with a catalog and nondestructive editing, where to put your images and how to organize them, how to move your catalog and images, how to ensure that everything gets backed up, how to set preferences and catalog settings.

Library: Learn how to get around in the Library module, manage screen space, set view options, import images, manage your files and folders, resolve problems that occur, rate, flag and keyword your images, add metadata, find images, create collections and smart collections. Learn how to use Publish Services to share your images on Facebook, Flickr and other services, and how to create jpeg and other copies of your images to share via Export.

Develop: after an overview of the Develop process, learn how to read the histogram, and then to use the crop, spot removal, and red eye tools. Learn the basics panel, how to adjust individual tones with the tone curve, individual colors with HSL, black and white conversions and split toning, adding grain and vignettes, lens corrections, sharpening and noise reduction. Learn how to take advantage of virtual copies and presets, and how to use history and snapshots. Make local changes with the adjustment brush and graduated filter. Work on multiple images with sync and auto sync. Learn different ways to view your image before and after your work.  New bonus: Integrating Photoshop into your Lightroom workflow.

36 high resolution (800 x 600 pixels or higher) MP4 movies (playable with Quick Time, iTunes and other media players; Quick Time Mac and PC installation programs included).

Includes guidance for beginners on which videos are most important to watch first.

Most common question: Is this series applicable to Lightroom 2 as well? Yes — while the series was recorded using Lightroom 3, for the most part Lightroom 3 adds additional features, but otherwise looks and acts the same as Lightroom 2. The Import dialog does have a different layout — but the same basic functionality, so even the Import video is worth watching.

Click to view full DVD contents

Sample videos: Using the Adjustment Brush , Using the HSL Panel to Work On Individual Colors in Your Image

What people are saying about this product:

“I’ve watched the first 8 videos so far, and am very impressed. The advantage of the DVD is that I can pause you (sorry) and take time out to try things out in LR. I didn’t have to worry about holding the class up… Your DVD’s are well presented and very clear. Things that didn’t quite gel before are doing so now. The best LR resource I have found so far. Eat your heart out Scott Kelby!” John B.

“I recently purchased your lightroom DVD and I just wanted to email you to say thank you.Your videos are clear, easy to understand and cover so much. I have bought books on Lightroom and watched other videos before, but NOTHING comes even close to what you have done here. If you ever put out any other courses, in photography or photoshop or anything you have a customer!” Aurit K.

“I was thrilled to get the notice that your DVD was ready. It seemed like I had been waiting for months. I purchased it immediately and within minutes, I was viewing the lessons. So well done. An invaluable tool. Thanks so much!” L.M.

“Whether you are a professional photographer or an enthusiastic hobbyist, or something in between, Laura’s skill at Lightroom and ability to teach it in a patient, understandable way is a must have. I’ve taken many, many classes and workshops and have never had a better teacher than Laura!” Stacey S.

“Laura has called this series ‘Lightroom Fundamentals’. I thought I already knew a lot, but I have learned so much more!! Very well worth the purchase.” Sue B.

What people have said about my videos elsewhere:

“Laura, I have been an artist for more than 50 years and have been in publishing since hot type was still around. I must say you have really created one of the most easily understandable and useful videos I have ever watched for an Adobe product. I really got a lot out of [this video on your blog] and even though it’s hard to get two gallons of milk in a one gallon jug, I try to learn more each day and your video made it so much easier.” Teri A.

“After 30 years of teaching at the college level, I can confidently recommend Laura’s teaching style in her Lightroom training DVD. Her presentations are clearly explained, and they are well paced, which makes it easy to follow her actions within any of her Lightroom videos. She is a natural teacher. As well, the information and hints contained in her videos will allow one to proceed immediately to their own images and make necessary adjustments.” Clint B., Ph.D.

“WOW! I just stumbled onto your blog and found this video. So helpful! Thanks and I can’t wait to see more.” Lisa B.

“Amazing lesson, Laura. I’m definitely getting the DVD when it comes out. I wish I’d had something like that when I first started using LR!” Ben

“I found the adjustment brush to be extremely useful before I watched your video. It just became about 10 times more useful though.” John B.

“Laura Shoe is an excellent teacher in person and I rely on her video resources to review what I learned in the RMSP Lightroom workshop. I will be first in line to get the Lightroom Fundamentals DVD.” Frank G.

“Laura’s videos are very helpful – I found them to be clear and easy to understand. She is a great teacher.” Cara K.

“I’ve found that I’m ‘up and running’ with Lightroom – to a surprising degree. I’ve worked more than 12,000 of my images in Lightroom with relative ease. Anyone seeking a straightforward introduction to Lightroom that will take you beyond the basics can’t go wrong working with Laura.” Sandy A.

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