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A Request to My Readers

In Uncategorized on August 5, 2011 at 11:46 am

Have you seen me teach in-person,  enjoyed my Lightroom DVD, watched a video on this blog (like this one on developing an image, or this one on using the adjustment brush), or just like my written tutorials?

Please consider nominating me to teach Lightroom or Photoshop for, a great online photography education site.  It only takes a moment — you can do so HERE.   They ask for my website — it is (and for those of you who know the Digital Daily Dose, but not my name — it’s Laura Shoe!)

Thank you!!

  1. Done, good luck!

  2. Got ‘er done. Tom Jacobsen

  3. Happy to have done this. Just recently discovered your tutorials. Excellent! Good luck.

  4. Done. Appreciate what you do for us. Hope you get in.

  5. +1.
    would be happy to watch (and learn more from) you!

  6. Keep up your good work,

    Happy to have endorsed your high quality / teaching / DVD download

    Ps., your accent is georgous!

    Brendan Fogarty

  7. Thank you, Everyone! Lol Brendan … I have never heard anyone say that about an American accent. 🙂

  8. […] Laura Shoe has lots of goodies for those wanting to learn Lightroom.  Go watch and then maybe help her out too… […]

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