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More 2010 Lightroom and Photoshop Workshops Posted!

In Uncategorized on May 10, 2010 at 10:38 pm

I have posted my schedule of Seattle workshops for the rest of 2010 on my website.  I will continue to offer my two-day Lightroom Fundamentals workshop, focused on the Library and Develop modules, where you import, rate, keyword, organize, fix and enhance your images.  I am also introducing a one-and-a-half day Lightroom Review and Lab session, for those who want more reinforcement of concepts covered and practice with your own images.  Finally, I am re-introducing Lightroom Fundamentals Part Two, where we cover Print, Slideshow, and Web, as well as some topics in Library and Develop that there isn’t time for in Lightroom Fundamentals.  Here are the dates:

Lightroom Fundamentals:   May 22-23,  July 24-25,  Oct 9-10

Lightroom Review and Lab:  Aug 14-15, Nov 6-7

Lightroom Fundamentals Part Two: Sept 11-12.

I will also be offering a 5-day Photoshop for Photographers workshop November 11-15.  While Lightroom is a powerful tool, there are still many functions that photographers need that Photoshop is still best for.  After mastering Photoshop basics, we move on to these specific areas.

Click here for all course descriptions, prices and registration.  I hope you can join me for one or more courses!


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