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A Tip for Zooming When In Survey View

In Uncategorized on May 4, 2010 at 11:55 am

I love Survey View for viewing and comparing several images side-by-side.  In the Library Module, select multiple images, then  click on the Survey View icon in the toolbar

Survey View

or type the shortcut N.

In Survey View, your mouse is not the zoom tool, so it is not quite as easy to zoom in on one of the images.  However, it isn’t hard either:

  • Double-clicking on the image opens it in Loupe view.
  • In Loupe view your mouse is the zoom tool: click to zoom in, click again to zoom out.
  • Double-clicking  on the image again jumps it back to survey view.  (Thanks for the tip, Kit!)

That’s it!

UPDATE:  Winston wrote in response to this:  Why not just use the Z key? Why not, indeed!  In Survey View, click on the image to select it, then type Z to zoom in, and Z again to zoom out.  This also works in Grid and Loupe view, and in the Develop module.    It is humbling to reveal to my readers that I don’t know everything, but ultimately rewarding, as I continue to learn little Lightroom tricks I didn’t know about!   Thank you, Winston!

  1. Why not just use the [Z] key?

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