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A Most Useful Shortcut for Viewing Images Full Screen

In Uncategorized on February 25, 2010 at 11:28 pm

While I know a fair amount about Lightroom, I am always picking up more from my fellow bloggers.  Here’s a quick but useful shortcut  from Sean McCormack over at  To see your image and nothing but your image, type Shift-Ctl-F on the PC, or Shift-Cmd-F on the Mac.  This will hide the surrounding panels, menu bars, tool bars and system task bars, and your image will be displayed as close to full-screen-size as possible .  While in this view, you can use your left and right arrow keys to scroll to other images.  This shortcut works in all modules, and your other module shortcut keys will continue to work, such as 0-5 for stars and P for Pick/X for Reject in the Library module.     Hit Shift-Ctl/Cmd-F again to exit this mode.

If you are going to be viewing your images full size on the screen like this, you should set your preferences so that your standard-size image previews are screen-size.  Go to Lightroom (Mac) or Edit (PC) > Catalog Settings > File Handling, and set the Standard Preview Size to be as close as possible to the width or your monitor’s resolution.  Check your system display properties to find out what this is.  (PC for other than W7: right-click on your desktop, choose Properties>Settings>Advanced, and note the resolution.  For W7, right click on the desktop and choose Screen Resolution.)  For Mac, System Preferences, Display.

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  1. Shift-Tab also gives you a full screen view and is one less key to press.

    • Hi John, Shift-tab gets rid of the 4 panels, but it doesn’t get rid of the LR menu bar or system information/task bars. Shift-Ctl/Cmd-F gives you nothing but your image, freeing your eye from all distractions.

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