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One Blogger’s Take On Aperture 3

In Uncategorized on February 22, 2010 at 12:49 am

As Mac users may know, Aperture 3 was released last week.  While I would love to be able to speak personally to how it compares to Lightroom (Lightroom 2 or the Lightroom 3 Beta), I don’t have a Mac and am not willing to fork out such a large chunk of cash to buy one just  to be able to run Aperture, so I can’t do so.  Fortunately my colleague Gene McCullagh has written a thoughtful blog post on his experiences and opinions thus far over at

Mac users, my advice to you is to think long term and to not  switch to/from either unless you are convinced one will significantly help you to improve the quality of your output or your efficiency in the long run.  I am reminded of my own struggles with Canon vs. Nikon … 6 years ago I was a Nikon shooter, but I felt Canon was ahead so I switched over … and now I feel Nikon is ahead…. but I am resisting another costly switch.    Fortunately I believe that Canon and Nikon will continue to leap frog each other, and that the competition benefits us all.

Note that I am not saying that I think that at this point Aperture has jumped over Lightroom — based on what I have read (though admittedly not first-hand experience), this is not the case, though there are some areas where Aperture has gone further than Lightroom, and Adobe should pay attention and respond.

Regardless, for Mac users, do think also of the amount of support available to Aperture users vs. Lightroom users, including blogs, forums, training material, local workshops, etc., unless you are a go-it-alone type of user.

Click HERE for Gene’s post.

Feel free to post comments with your own experiences with Aperture vs. Lightroom.


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