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Windows 7 Shortcuts

In Uncategorized on December 13, 2009 at 12:57 am

This isn’t Lightroom or Photoshop-related, but since I’m in charge here, I can get away with it!

I have really been enjoying Windows 7.  I had no plans to upgrade to it from XP, but my computer died and I had to replace it — right after W7 was released.  It is truly a pleasure to use (too bad, SJ!).  I particularly like the new task bar.

Here are a few handy shortcuts that I just came across:

Win+D: Show the desktop

Win+Left/Right arrows: Dock the window to each side of the monitor
Win+Up arrow: Maximize the active window
Win+Down arrow: Minimize the window/Restore the window if it’s maximized
Win+Space: All windows are made transparent so you can see the desktop
Win+Home: Minimize all windows but the current window

What I was looking for when I came across these was a way to create a desktop shortcut that puts the system into Sleep mode.  (It’s easy to do from the Start menu, but W7 has encouraged me to put as much as I can in the task bar.)   Everything I tried from my Google searches puts it  into Hibernate mode.  If you know the secret, please let me know!

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  2. […] Windows 7 Shortcuts « Digital Daily Dose […]

  3. I’ve confirmed this still works in Windows 7. The instructions in the first post should give you the shortcut that you want. PsTools is a free download from Microsoft.

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