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Post photos from Lightroom directly onto Facebook

In Uncategorized on August 4, 2009 at 8:30 pm

If you’re like me, you weren’t one of Facebook’s early adopters.  But you dipped your toe into the water, ended up with lots of friends that you enjoy being connected with, and now Facebook  is part of your daily routine and you can’t imagine life without it.  Actually, come to think of it,  my experience with Lightroom was quite similar.

Anyway, if you share photos on Facebook, you can easily upload them into the album of your choice directly from Lightroom, using Jeffrey Friedl’s export plugin.  Unfortunately (and this is a big caveat), due to limitations on the Facebook side, you can’t upload to your business/fan page,  only to your personal page.

You will find information and the download on his blog here.  The download and installation instructions are on the righthand side.  Jeffrey is providing this as donationware.  As he says, “t is provide for free and is fully functional for the first six weeks, after which it becomes limited to processing at most 10 photos at a time until registered. Registration costs 1 cent; any additional donation you’d like to make in encouragement or thanks is up to you.”   I think you will find that it is worth a donation.

UPDATE 9/2010:  This post was written while Lightroom 2 was the latest.  Lightroom 3 is now out, and one can post directly to Facebook from the Publish Services panel in the Library module of Lightroom, without a 3rd party plugin.  However, Jeffrey Friedl’s plugin does still have more features.

  1. Did you mean “Adopters”? 😉

  2. I just started using his Lightroom Plugin and really like it! Wish Facebook would allow upload to business pages!

  3. Is there a plug-in to upload from Bridge or ACR? I use it more than Lightroom.

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